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Power Rangers & Zyurangers are Freemason Zionist Propaganda

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Power Rangers was full of Freemason symbolism. Haim Saban, an Israeli Jew, bought the rights to Zyurangers, and used the footage to make Power Rangers. Saban twisted the story to be about multicultural, British kids(British Israelism, Angel Grove CA was settled by the British) gaining superpowers through Illuminati animism, and answering to a Jewish command center. Ivan Ooze has crescents, and stars(Shriner?) on his outfit, and explodes into Saturn rings at the end of the first movie. His transformation robot is a hornet(bees = Illuminati), and he uses a magic flute(just like the masonic Mozart play). The Monolith, and ruins, looks like Freemason three pillar symbolism. Many of the names in the American show sound Jewish. The Angel Grove scenes have Freemason symbolism, and subliminal anti-white messages. The Power Rangers teleport around as beings of rainbow light, and their guardian Dulcea transforms into an owl.

I recently went back and looked at it's source, Zyurangers. It's full of masonic, and jewish references as well. The Super Sentai shows were originally military themed, and slowly took on magical themes over time. Zyurangers has several scenes that come of as explicitly masonic, and several characters use Jewish magic. I'll be posting all the Zyurangers screencaps, and webms i have along with explanations of the symbolism. Japan was taken over by Freemasons after WW2, and i think the Sentai shows are part of their programming.

Here's a link to the second Power Rangers thread i did (mods deleted the first). It explains the masonic, and Jewish elements of Power Rangers. I'll expand on Power Rangers symbolism when I'm done posting the Zyurangers stuff.



Watch the last 10min of episode 50, and tell me Japan isn't controlled by Freemason Kikes.