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I work at he USGS headquarters as one of the main data analysts. We have been coordinating with other agencies around the world to censor information and not cause a panic. I was flown out with a team of gelosist to Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake to
map the area and see what's down there. Unfortunately we found there is a huge chamber of magma far far larger than even Yellowstone. We have now confirmed its a new supervolcano forming. The magma chamber is very active but it is not yet rising to the surface. We fear that another major quake may cause large fracture enabling the magma to shoot to the surface. FEMA, the national guard and other agencies have been alerted and are on standby to evacuate key VIP's. You may see blackhawks arriving in LA picking up people evacuating them aswell as other major cities. we've been censoring and removing fault lines and earthquakes from the live feeds as the faults have expanded. There will be no mention of this anywhere so leave now as the fireworks are ready to start.

If you want a simple run down watch this
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl7hkASlD5g&t=171s [Embed]
The guy is pretty good but he doesn't have access to the data we have.

Good luck to everyone out there !