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Dear /pol/

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Can you tell me why are you actually against the women's rights in general? Seriously, all of the arguments are either the following.
>Equality of wahmen=jew shit bro
>muh 3rd wave feminism
>wahmen arent equal cuz muh sex dymorphism and dooz beautiful charts nigga

Seriously, can someone actually provide an argument to why we should not give equal rights to a being that is responsible for birth of all male and female children? I mean, many glorious people like Thomas Jefferson have been born out of a womb of a mother, as well as the fact that woman and man need one another, since the women come out of man's seed, and that a man comes out from a mother's womb.

Let us also not forget that we must also, if we want to achieve equality, we must empower both man and woman to respect one another, and to value marriage as a "sacred relationship" of man and woman.