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Redpilling Propaganda in the Form of Movies, TV Programs, Etc.

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I recently finished watching season 3 of Attack on Titan, and will be using it as sort of an example for redpilling propaganda, so spoilers, especially for Season 3 will be ahead; be warned.

Attack on Titan is an anime created by Hajime Isayama, and the basic premise of Attack on Titan is that all of humanity is relagated to one giant city with massive walls to protect themselves from giant human-like beasts that eat humans.
This is the plot for most of the story, until around Part 2 of Season 3, where the main characters figure out the secret behind the titans, being that they are actually the people who live inside the walls, and have been turned into those titans.

The main reason why Attack on Titan is such a good example for "redpilling propaganda" is that near the end of the third season, it is revealed that the humans currently inside the walls, or Eldians, also have diaspora outside the walls on a continent across the ocean, and these Eldians live under a government ruled by another race, called Marleyans. The Marleyans look the same as the Eldians but they are genetically different races, and the Marleyans brainwach the Eldians into thinking that their history was bad, and their ancestors were evil, monsters even, since they were technically titans, I assume, and they force Eldians to live in internment zones.

After I saw this plot I immediately drew a connection to the situation we see with whites and Jews today. Debatably, the Jews are the Marleyans and the whites are the Eldians. And it seems that I wasn't the only one to come to this conclusion, since I've seen a couple Attack on Titan reaction images and threads here on /pol/. And not only that, but a leftist media outlet, Polygon made an article saying the show had "fascist subtexts".