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Epstein Ranch and Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett

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>Previous OP looked up info of Zorro Ranch
>No name attached to property ownership
>It is, however, listed under CYPRESS, INC.
>Nothing registered in USVI, Florida, New York, Delaware or New Mexico
>Except there was a Cypress Tree Farms Inc in Delaware with all day Pre-K day care,
>Almost certainly unrelated
>Address returns a shopping mall at a cruise ship port - Has an orange roof and many typical stores such as nail salons and retail outlets
>Called the Port of Sale Mall, in USVI St. Thomas Island
>A certain congresswoman has an office there
>Stacey Plaskett
>This congresswoman has vowed to donate all of Epstein's campaign contributions to charity
>Thread immediately started getting slid hard after Stacey Plaskett link was established

>TL;DR Congresswoman Stacey Plasket has an office in a mall attached by tax documents to Jeff Epstein's New Mexico ranch