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VT&T: What was Epstein doing with his own ISP and microwave antenna to the island?

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VT&T LLC has an FCC license for microwave antenna from LSJ with the same address Epstein used for other businesses.


It has been referenced in publications as being a local ISP.


The microwave antenna is at 18.3000000°, -064.8266667° linked to 18.3278611°, -064.7851944°

The other antenna is owned by "Choice Communications, LLC"


So they set up a company to register a single microwave antenna that links to LSJ, most likely providing internet/telecom service to the island. Can't trust an ISP you don't control if you are doing dirt?

Did they have any customers? Another way to collect information on people?

If you watch the LSJ drone video, you can see the antenna array by that mound. There are at least 2 microwave antenna there, but I can only find one FCC registered to the GPS coordinates of that antenna array.

Anyone know the kind of bandwidth this FCC listed antenna can provide the island?