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Another thread, for my heroes
1. Epstein flew a helicopter sharing a covert US military plane's tail number used by DynCorp.

2a. DynCorp has a history of child trafficking in many countries.

2b. DynCorp is owned by Steve Feinberg (current US intelligence board) and composed of many elite politicians.

3a. Epstein bought his Zorro Ranch from New Mexico governor Bruce King.

3b. Zorro Ranch is registered under Epstein's shell company that is located in a mall in the Virgin Islands.

3c. During Epstein's 2008 arrest someone in Zorro Ranch won the PowerBall lottery and claimed it under a shell company.

4. The same mall where Epstein's shell company is located at also houses Congresswoman Stacey Plasket's main office.

4b. Stacey Plasket recieved donations from Epstein and just recently donated them back into charities due to his arrest.

5. Stacey Plasket sit on the board of a Lutheran Orphanage that receives donations from Epstein and has been visited by the Clintons.

6. Epstein owns his own Internet Service Provider (ISP) and has multiple FCC registered microwave antenna arrays scattered around his island.

7. Epstein's pilot has a daughter in the US military and rumored to be in intelligence.

7. Former FBI director Comey's daughter will be in the prosecution team in Epstein's upcoming criminal case.

8. Mossad Agent Junkerman has flown on Epstein's jet.

9. Little Saint James was built by Aman Hotel's owner Vladislav Doronin who dated Naomi Campbell who flew on Epstein's jet.

This is just scratching the surface. There are many MANY more leads.

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