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Norwegian Media going absolutely ballistic.

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It seems as though the Norwegian MSM is going absolutely ballistic over the failed terror attempt by the plonker in >pic related.
Upon entering the Mosque fully armed, Philip Manshaus was tackled by a 65-year-old worshipper and held in a headlock until police arrived.

Every national news outlet has been doing virtually nothing but doing pieces on this for days.
Just figured I'd let my fellow /pol/acks in on the situation in Norway, for anyone that is interested.
First; Philip Manshaus (terrorist) is on trial for attempted terror (shooting up a mosque) and for the murder of his 17-year-old stepsister, Johanne Zhangjia Ihle-Hansen. Prior to official/proper court proceedings and sentencing, he has been sentenced to 4 weeks of confinement, 2 of which must be in isolation.

From left to right, top to bottom in >pic related:

>"Shocked family: Manshaus changed leading up to the murder"
>"Johanne's (17) mother: Having lost her is unbearable"
>"People "cheering" for Manshaus on the internet claimed to be Norwegian"
>"Ridiculed on internet forum" (4chan)
>"Funds (charity/donations) flowing in to the heroes from the Mosque attack"
>""God, I hope he gets a solid kill count" was how the internet forum reacted during the attack"
>"It must be sad for something like this to happen between siblings"
>The Mosque will reopen on tuesday"
>""It is so painful""

In addition to this, our state national news broadcaster, NRK (BBC equivalent, albeit with a stronger monopoly), did an 'investigative' piece on 'internet forum culture' (4/infinitychan), and they brought in a supposed 'internet expert' to explain the 'incel phenomenon'.

Anyways, shitty optics, Manshaus. By failing like this, you will achieve nothing apart from hurting your own cause - had you succeeded you might have inspired others to the prospect of martyrdom, but this? You've really fucked us over, ye plonker - and right before our local elections as well.