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Operation My Fellow Jew continued

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We must create a massive movement of fake Jewish profiles on Facebook, Twitter etc...etc...Since Jews shapeshift into whites anytime they want, we can do the same to them. The reasoning and goals listed below.

>>Jews are a protected class. LARPING as a Jew has the benefit of being uncensored by big tech. It beats the hell of fashygoyim1488 profiles. Nobody will listen to you, and you will continue to receive bans. You also have the benefit of labeling anyone an anti semite who disagrees with you. Use this to your advantage.

>>As a Jew, normies will listen to you. Especially boomers. You can take the blame for world events. Post redpill facts about your fellow Jews. Slave trade, monetary facts, mass media, porn industry etc...etc...
>>Being a Jew, you are able to subvert Jews themselves. Since Jewishness is 100% based on supremacism, you can use the same tactics they have used to dismantle our own society. You can push for more diversity in Israel, for example. More race mixing...etc...etc...If your fellow Jews disagree, call them Nazi's, racists, bigots, xenophobes. LOVE WILL WIN. Bring ICE detainees to Israel.

>>Even if Jew know of our plans, it will create in fighting as righty Jews will accuse lefty Jews of being fake profiles. This creates more division.

>Make sure your profiles are as authentic looking as possible.