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History as you know it Masonic Fanfiction.

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I repeat because this cannot be understated.

History as you know it is Masonic Fanfiction. An inversion and fabrication of true events to push us to a luciferian nightmare society.
>EVERYONE has been displaced from their native lands by (((them)))
>we all used to speak one language and have one religion ('proto'-Christianity)
>we were all far more technologically and spiritually advanced. (Eiffel tower = decommissioned tesla tower)
>some type of seismic event (non-natural) happened that liquefacted the earth and cause everything to sink directly into it
Here is a short video explaining the concept https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMWKTuRgJjY
>After the event they rounded up all the children, shipped them around on trains and had them rebuild society. (Think blade runner)
>This was relatively recent

I don't have all the answers but I can get you started.
>pic related

This was one of the first big inversions of truth from what I've gathered. The mongols weren't the mongols and the Great Wall didn't keep them out. It kept them safe.