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So this trap discord group is doing the exact same thing as /r9cute/ and reiko's harem.

>They use /r9k/ and /soc/ as their main platform to recruit
>They promote cutting and suicide
>They force recruits to go through HRT (They sometime send you a package full of hormones with instructions)
>They spam 4chan with constant "sissy hypno" or "become the gf" threads
>Blackmailing people into self harm or even suicide

Everytime you report a server, another one appear seemingly out of nowhere in just a few weeks later. They've been doing it for years and it's still going strong to the point where robots are actually making threads asking for the link to these kind of servers.
The Psyop is so real that robots got conditioned through the years of being used to that kind of message and are actually acting on it ( taking hrt, cutting... )

Reiko might not be around anymore but he sure as hell started a entire sub-community dedicated to turning all incels and robots into traps.

The state of 4chan r9k in 2019 is so bad its literally unbrowseable with half of the catalog being filled with hrt, traps and pink pill propaganda.
Even if you don't care or browse /r9k/ often, these threads are starting to appear all over 4chan and even reddit from time to time.

Its actually in the best interest of everyone to end this recruitment campain.