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I just recieved news about RBG's condition, and it's worse than you all know.

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I'm not going to say who I am, but I work for some very important people. I'm not very important, myself, however, but I still get most of the same info that they do, because I have to brief them on it.

A couple of hours ago, I recieved a dossier stating that RBG passed almost twenty four hours ago, and the DNC is trying to create a contingency plan to soften the blow, and try and prevent Trump from installing a new SCOTUS justice. They're already trying to get another Christine Blasey, but they're going to pull out all the stops, this time, so be ready to hate these people even more. They're genuinely headless chickens, at this point, and have nowhere to turn. They're finished!

Here's why they're so desperate, though, the Trump admin has several EO's ready to go on election fraud committed by Dems, and it covers the spectrum from media monopoly/antitrust, to actual offices supported by left wing groups, that are registering illegals to vote. When Trump gets his SCOTUS justice, it's game over. 2020 is going to be far less action packed than you think, because dems are going to have a proverbial boot on their neutered necks.