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Alright you glorious bastards, time to actually do this.


>Is this "It's OK to be White #2?"?

No. IIRAW uses a very similar strategy to IOTBW and is based on the same concept of posting a simple meme in real life locations in order to cause leftist meltdowns. However it is not a direct continuation of IOTBW.

>What is the point of this?

Directly calls out the left on their contradictory beliefs regarding Islam and womens rights. A conservative is able to look at this image and either say "Hmm Islamic treatment of women is traditional and might not be so bad" or "No, Islam treats women like dogshit and is not right about women" and neither statement logically contradicts the other.

BUT WHEN A LEFTIST looks at this image, their brain enters retard mode. If they try to say that Islam is not right about women, then they are contradicting their cultural marxist ideas and are therefore being "Islamaphobic", but if they say Islam is right then they are giving a free pass to how Islamic countries treat ladies as 2nd class citizens. The leftist is thus forced to deny reality and claim that Islam is somehow a progressive belief system, despite the fact that anyone who is not retarded can look at countries dominated by Islam and clearly see this is not the case.

The political TL;DR goal of IIRAW is thus to force the lefts hand and make them either pick a side or make asses of themselves.

It's fucking hilarious. Kek wills it.

>How do I participate

Print out "Islam is right about women" Keep it simple. Same strategy as IOTBW. Do not change the message. Do not break any laws / commit vandalism. Don't be a fucking retard. Just post it in public places with tape or just simply leave the papers in inconspicuous places.

-Leftist university campuses
-Bathrooms in Liberal cities
-Community college
-Public bulletin boards IE parks, town squares, etc.