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Anons Read The Saddest Greentext Ever

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So this was my week...

>be me
>sophomore transferring to new college
>it’s 23% white, the rest are spics & nigs
>get accepted to special 4-year business program with freshmen
>I will be stuck with the same people for all 4 years
>most are leftist activist types, but one is different
>a qt catholic girl
>she’s not based but not exactly bluepilled
>I sit down on the first day
>she walks in a few minutes later and sits next to me
>she talks first
>very nice girl, we instantly hit it off
>we work on projects together for the entire year
>we are friends but I can sense something more
>be a few months in...
>get introduced to her boyfriend
>guy is an accounting major, and a spic
>then I here the worst news of all:
>he is an ILLEGAL
>notice he is very protective and is angered by my presence
>afterward I can only talk and be around her when he’s off of campus
>get a very bad feeling about him
>I tell the girl I’m worried about her and that he could be very abusive
>Then I went even further...
>I told her that she could Pay The Toll if she didn’t end it
>she took the advice well but summer was fast approaching & I was leaving town
>we parted well and I didn’t hear from her until classes resumed in the fall
>be first day of class
>”I’m so happy to see you anon!”
>I being to catch up on my summer, she doesn’t say much
>class ends and I tell her I can’t wait to see her next week (class is one a week)