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In late August, there was a sudden spike in shill activity in /egg/ threads [we have proofs that other boards were used as a proving ground for AI training as well]. We noticed that OP did not update the first post and sometimes also modified it so that it seemed as it had been posted by anybody but a genuine /egg/ anon. Additionally, we came across a wall of shitposting contributing to nothing, derailing in the threads, and tries to make anons spend their energy on replying to retarded shill posts in the threads. We started paying attention to details and figured out that
1) there are always several shills in each /egg/ thread;
2) they use phrases that are always the same. We traced them back to 2018;
3) shills post images with certain filename conversions;
4) shills are frequently posting nonsense which is explained by neural networks yet being not powerful enough to successfully LARP as a human;
5) images used by bots/master either were already posted in November 2017 or had characters in them from this time period.

Thus the ride has begun.
In case this thread is shoahed, polsholywar on Telegram and Xzjs9enn on Pastebin.