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As it turns out, the Qfags were posers looking to lull fresh meat into a honey pot by larping as a group of newfag imbeciles doxxing Epstein's black book. The data in the book was allegedly being converted from .pdf format to text. Besides anyone in the black book already changing their phone numbers, the content was modified during the translation to mark any doxxing rubes further down the line for their sauce. This is part of the war against 1A, to get rid of 4chan altogether, blame it on /pol/, using the latest NatSoc putsch farse as the intent.

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> Last bread the Qfags couldn't wait for OP to bake and are all contained now in what appears to be a KKK thread. >>226883745
This thread glows beyond compare.
>Federal Judge officially Dismisses Epstein's criminal case
>Jean-Luc Brunel linked to the Epstein sex empire, investigators discover at least three victims in France.
>Jeffrey Epstein’s Ex-Housekeeper Facebook Photos Show Her With Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton
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