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Rate my new house built with hands of foreign workers

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The land cost me pennies because it is located in the devils ass, the major city is placed 200 km from it, and the biggest town located in radius of 50 km has only 10k inhabitants. I bought the land from poor farmer who moved to other region of Poland. I bought building materials for pennies as well, because my cousins have access to wholesaler company. Design was purchased in discount. I needed to spend some money only on connecting the land with so called "media" (electricity, pipes, sewage) - but the media were placed only 70 meters from my land so i didn't pay so much.

The house is almost ready after 5 months of building. I used 3 squads of Ukrainians. 2 first squads resigned from job because i paid them only half of what i promised. The third squad is going to be paid less to, so i will probably need to hire fourth one soon to finish the house completely.

I am not going to live in the house, i will rent it to other people who plan to establish agrotourism area here, because it is placed quite near from 800-1000 meters high hills.


So import of foreign workforce can be useful after all, can't it? /pol/ claims otherwise