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BDAnon was right about nukes in Israel

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Despite the fact that I cannot locate the post of his where he directly says that Iranians were caught by kikes in a large Israeli city with nukes as an insurance, here are some news indicating that some serious shit is happening.
>1. Israel holds mass causality emergency scenario
>In conjunction with the Israeli police and the Beitar Yerushalayim soccer team, United Hatzalah hosted a large-scale training drill on Monday at Teddy Stadium to simulate a mass-casualty incident in the stadium and the proper treatment of multiple victims at the same time in numerous locations.
>As the official medical-security provider for the team and Israel’s largest independent, nonprofit, fully volunteer Emergency Medical Service (EMS) organization, United Hatzalah is responsible for treating any medical incident of the fans or players occurring during the soccer matches in the stadium.
>2. Israel’s ‘Air Force One’ malfunctions, emergency teams dispatched
>Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) reported that the test flight was carried out to check the brakes ahead of a Sunday flight.
>The Boeing 767-300ER airliner is meant to serve the Prime Minister and the President when they travel abroad.
Sunday is important because Netanyahu will meet Gantz to try to work out a coalition deal.
>3. Netanyahu boosts specter of incoming Iranian weapons
>Netanyahu has been bringing up Iranian cruise missiles and drones