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Combat: Cult of Saturn

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Today's Reading Assignment:

Then you should follow up with "The Culture of Critique" for something more exoterically grounded. On a side note, I am not in 100% agreement with everything written in the above articles, rather, they serve as a good basis for forming the pre-conditions necessary for personal exploration and research.

(e.g. I am thoroughly unconvinced of this talk of "giants", etc. But there is some interesting and worthwhile data to be gathered here).

Consider this a "SiG" thread but for your mind. The Iron Age is fading and the age of Warriors comes next. Yet, one must first understand some general ground works to understanding the Occultist Nature of our Enemy. This is most expressively linked to "Saturn Worship". I can try and define it plainly, in the most general of terms below but it will require some of your own research to figure out (and I do this on purpose, like all good "hermetic teachings" there MUST be personal scholarship involved or else it is simply a dictatorship of thought).

Tell me, do you see the "biology" in the photo I took? - You should.
(Taken of the "Eye of Saturn" by the Cassini satellite).