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Boogaloo Secure Communications

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After the whole Virginia tyranny and WhiskeyWarrior situation, and a lot of you seeing yourselves how fragile the grid is and how easy it is for you to be cutoff from the rest of the world (turning off cellphone tower, shutting off electricity, internet...etc.) I hope you have come to the realization that you need some kind of backup communications method.

This technology exists and it's called ham radio.

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>But, but, I need a loicense to buy one
No you don't, you only need one to transmit. But in an emergency situation you can transmit as you please. Or let's say SHTF, do you really think anyone gives a crap?

That being said, I do encourage everyone to get their license, since it will help you get online and practice with other hams on your local repeater, HF....etc.

>But but you need electricity for the radio
That is true, but radios batteries last for days, more than your cellphone ever will. You can easily charge them with an adapter and a powerbank. A small solar panel should be enough to keep you going indefinitely.

>But but ham radio is not encrypted, anyone can hear me
As per FCC rules, amateur radios are not allowed to encrypt their communications. Again, I'm not advocating for breaking the law for any glowies reading this. But there are a lot of cheap chinese and more expensive well made digital radios capable of encryption.

Want a good radio capable of encryption?
>Handheld: Anytone878 (200$) - Range 2-3 miles
>Mobile/base station: Anytone 578 (400$) - Range 20-30 miles