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Break-off groups are the solution for low white fertility and racemixing

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A mind game:
Assume the existence of a group of intelligent, wealthy, educated, attractive individuals. Now let's divide the group into two - the only criterion by which it is divided is the number of your brothers and sisters. All with 2 or more siblings will be in group A, all with one or less will be in group B.
Let's assume that you will only get married in the respective groups. Although both groups are equally rich, equally educated, etc., group A will have a permanently higher birth rate than group B - not for cultural, not for financial, but for genetic reasons. When we divided the original group into A and B, we selected group A for higher fertility and B for lower fertility.
("Genes greatly influence when and how many babies a woman will have, study finds" -https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/genes-greatly-influence-when-and-how-many-babies-a-woman-will-have-study-finds-10295379.html)

That is the first key element.

Let us now come to the second point, race mixing.
As soon as a number of individuals consider themselves a group, you can force an endogamic behaviour. Of course, not everyone will follow this, but that's not bad - once there is a group, however defined, then you can exclude such people from that group. So where there used to be a non-discriminatory, public gene pool - anyone could have children with anyone (Black and White, White and Indian, White and Arab, Arab and Indian, etc), and their offspring also could have had children with everyone, this is no longer possible: by definition, only those who marry within the group will be able to *stay* in the group. Persons who want to remain members of the group can therefore only marry other group members. And if all initial group members were white, then you get eternal whiteness. You have created a second, non-public gene pool, a barrier that prevents random mixing. Very important:http://archive.vn/zUnhq
Here I have explained the concept in more detail.