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Something about the fourth and fifth French infected.

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Hi guys,

I'm working at one of the biggest hospital in Paris and today we had some " meeting " regarding two people who have been tested as positive for the Corona Virus. But, that's not actually the point, the point of this message is how BADLY it was handled and how it may have infected a lot of people.

For a few days now we hear there and there that, maybe, we had an old asian dude and his wife or something for being infected , nobody really knew if it's true or not but today at noon we had this meeting regarding our safty. It went like this :

"So, guys we indeed had an old man in the emergency pole for 2 days and he was indeed infected , but we didnt knew that as the testing facility said he was not infected when we first tested him.. after two days his condition was getting worse so we had to run more test and yeah he was infected.... soooo he did roam around and may have been spreading the virus around for 2 whole days"

The thing is, he may have been spreading the virus to other patients, to nurses, to some random staff ( like me as i had to work there when he apparently was there too ). And we """"may"""" got infected and got the virus to spread more..

That's how it's working apprently when a virus is spreading, don't be surprised if it get worse days after days.

it was just some info that i needed to share.

ps : Oh, and apparently nobody there gives a shit