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Attack on Titan is based

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The story is literally about white people fighting to reclaim a future that was stolen from them by inferior races. It has a fuck ton of subliminal messages about why racism, fascism, and ethnonationalism is based. Let’s take a brief look at the characters:
>Eren Yeager: 6’0” Chad with six-pack abs who tirelessly fights for the freedom of his race. Vows to rebuild the Eldian Empire and destroy anyone who stands in his way. Literally fought four of the nine titan shifters at once and won.
>Mikasa Ackerman: trad hapa qt with superhuman abilities who fights on behalf of the white race
>Armin Arlert: extremely intelligent high caste Aryan who devises battle strategies for the Survey Corps to carry out
For those of you who have read the series already, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who haven’t, you’re missing out. The series is going to end in June and there has never been a manga in history to allude so closely to a Hitler type figure.
Also, >inb4 meme flag kike lover: “THE ELDIANS ARE THE REAL JEWS BRO!!!”
Meme flag = opinion discarded