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The complexities of the Women's Question

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(I made that thread yesterday and got a handful of answers, although of good quality. Some Americanon told me that I should ignore women's opinions whatsoever and some Norwegianon said that in his country the average woman wasn't nearly as feminist as it is often caricatured here. My opinion is basically balanced between these two impressions. It may depend of the place you live in and the male/female rate, of course. I'm recreating this thread to get more answers and hopefully create a fruitful discussion.)


I'm agreeing to blame Jews, Muslims, Niggers and such for their collective faults as racial or religious groups. Even if some are well-behaved, they remain invasive foreigners who will never be of our kind, who can never "assimilate" ("assimilating" a NW to a White country is antithetic) and they are only a few exceptions anyway.

But I've never been convinced on the WQ. Of course feminism causes more harm than good, that's a euphemism. It is objectively precarious; in both the hazardous and ephemeral senses of the term, as it is incoherent and anti-natural. Forced egalitarianism goes indeed against justice, unlike what many seem to believe, and pretending that men and women are equals is blatantly false. No one is equal; both sexes especially have high physical and cognitive differences, as well as biological ones. Still, they are part of our people, they are our mothers, grandmothers, daughters, they are indispensable. And as gullible, slutty and especially pathetically emotional many women can be, a lot of men aren't really better either. Could women all be housewives again? Should they all be anyway whether they like it or not? Maybe that would be ideal. But it will be hard to reverse their emancipation completely. They could work (except in the early years of parenting) without missing their motherly duty. They sure should not vote, but men shouldn't either. Democracy is the moronic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance, as they say.