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Asian women hate thread

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Why are these subhumans allowed to exist? Ugliest race to ever exist. Tries to be make themselves look closer to Caucasians by getting plastic surgeries and using Photoshop and make-up. Materialistic and fake. Insect behavior (and their faces look like insects). Demands to be called "Asian" and claims you must be a Mongoloid to be "Asian". Subhuman genes, from toe to head. Slanted eyes, short, large square head, Mongolian blue spot, psychopathic tendencies, insect mentality, insect eyes, black hair and eyes, flat wide nose, flat ass, flat chest, skinny fat bodies, little manlike bodies for both their men and women, small dicks, no body hair, no double eyelids, and so on America needs execute all Asian women in order to protect the white race and banned all Asian related shit including Anime because cute Japanese,Korean,Chinese girls don't exist ever in reality or in Trump's proud white america and white men should punished for talking or flirting at those disgusting female gooks because white women really needs special attention and ignoring them would be illegal and that's why we need to protect the white christian race.