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Former BLM Volunteer Here

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Gonna just go out and say it flat out. BLM is merely a fundraising tool for the democrat party. any dime that gets donated to BLM ends up going to the biden campaign PERIOD. the democrats party was running out of money and losing bad in polls they knew this so they had to do something. They had this entire "movement" cooked up and ready to go with all the funraising tools set in place and the major media networks in the loop with them.

they needed an event to kick this off and originally they planned to use the arbury case to do it. the democrats was actually paying a company to even post on this board a bunch of posts about "joggers" and stuff after that case to try and make the racism issue even more inflamed than it was. but for some reason (no one rally knows why) that story never got real traction. with george floyd tho they got what they needed and kicked this whole campaign off.

anyways if u want to kno more ask me ill answer as much questions as i can.