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HAPPENING! 1000C-BLM Research Bread #4: Borealis and the 8 Goddesses

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Susan Rosenberg and William Ayers are former members of Weather Underground, communist revolutionaries convicted for terrorism. Bill Clinton pardons Rosenberg on his last day in office. Ayers goes on to become a financier for Obama's campaign. Years later, Rosenberg runs the board of Directors for Thousand Currents (1000C), formerly IDEX. IDEX is a effectively a money handler for NGOs and foreign governments for communist revolutionaries and so is 1000C. They funnel some money through to BLM but are effectively the money exchange for everyone else who is dumping money into BLM (they provide audit and financial services, among others). Another member of the 1000C board is Fahad Ahmad of Soliya fame. Soliya had money funneled into it by the US State Department (Hillary Clinton), Qatar, Bezos, Norway and others. 1000C is clearly operating with the consent of Ahmad and Rosenberg, proxies and beneficiaries of the Clintons. BLM is receiving money from the same groups that fund 1000C and there is overlap and indirect financing provided by the likes of Borealis Foundation, OSF (Soros), Kellogg, Ford, etc. This money is then funneled to support ActBlue LLC which is the money exchange for ActBlue PAC which has dumped $100s of millions in to Bernie, Warren and Biden. Yet BLM is a Delaware Corp and can't be just receiving all these funds legally so 1000C and Borealis have to be dug into which brings up the $100M dumped into the Black-Led Movement Fund by the Ford Foundation and Borealis. And then there's the Rosenberg/Clinton 8 Goddesses Cabal of South Korea connection. And we're just getting started anon...