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Sexual Immorality and the Decline of Civilization

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>In Christianity, people are naturally sinful, and they must repent of this sin. Man’s sin nature revolves around sexuality. In civilization, you have to control the sexual urge by restricting sex to marriage, because if you do not restrict sex, maintaining a complex social order becomes impossible. Moreover, behaviors such as masturbation and oral sex were seen as a threat to the birthrate, which was very important to the church, especially when Christianity was in the process of being overwhelmed by Islamic hordes, which was for most of the history of the early church.

>Christianity, as a pro-civilization, pro-natal religion, identified illicit sex and sexual feelings as sinful and created a guilt complex around it, causing people to feel dirty if they even thought sinful thoughts about another man’s wife or the young virgin across the street. This was a mechanism to maintain social order, and it was a good thing, and for whatever reason, white people really took to this idea of viewing themselves as sinful and in need of redemption.

How do we solve the problem of sexual Immorality before it destroys our civilization?