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Biden's replacement and leader of the Resistance will be revealed on July 4th

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Something big will be announced on July Fourth. Why on that holiday? Well, because if you remember, last year Trump put on an awesome display of American patriotism.

Planes, jets & helicopters from all branches of the military flew over the capitol. Songs were sung. Flags flew high. The people loved it.

Well, not all people. Shady politicians (both repub/dem), the mainstream media, and, most important of all, individuals with immense wealth, HATED it.

They hated it so much so they have decided this year, and this election, of all years and elections, is the time they're going to roll out their chosen one. The next, and final, President of the United States.

There will be no more after this one. And eventually, he/she will not be known as the "President", but something else.

This Independence Day will be THEIR "Independence Day", and the "Resistance", aka Antifa/BLM/commies, will play a big part in the takeover.

Fireworks have been popping off across the country in the wee hours of the morning for weeks now. People that say "it's almost the 4th of July, duh" are correct, but not in the way they think.

They're conditioning the population to get used to loud noises. Loud noises in their own neighborhoods. Loud noises right in front of their homes.

Think about it. How are folks in the ghetto and inner cities able to afford 1000s of $$ worth of fireworks? We're talking the big, professional, commercial grade ones.

The answer is, they can't. They're being funded. Funded by billionaires - the same ones who have profited off the capitalist system the United States has built over the last 100+ years. These selfish, narcissistic, psychopathic power mongers want complete and total dominance over the population. They want to control every single aspect of your life, down to the second/minute.

And the good ole USA is the first target on their list. We are the beta test.