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Will they choose wisely?

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Events in the Middle East, Venezuela and China are coming to a head. In China the government has a decision to make soon regarding the Dam. If they choose poorly the consequences will be enormous. Intelligence sources suggest they will choose poorly and earthquakes in the vicinity of the Dam will weaken it to the point well events will speak for themselves. In the middle east Israel and others have decided to take Iran out. Iran has no credible nuclear deterrence and Israel knows now is the time to move with the uncertainty in the Fall. Kerry is a treasonous bastard with family ties to Iran and his being in power again will be a disaster for Israel. Expect this to kick off within a few weeks. The next shipment of Iranian oil to Venezuela will be intercepted and the vessels perhaps sunk or taken to a U.S. port. Obviously this could kick off a war in the Middle East and the overthrow of the Maduro regime, one can only hope, and with the confusion of the moment Israel will strike quickly and severely and threaten Iran with nuking Tehran. Biden is becoming more unhinged by the day and he is constantly soiling his clothes. The campaign now has him wearing pampers with a change of suits always at hand. Seems it is just a matter of time before he completely loses it and Hillary moves in. Maxwell has a lot of explosive material but the folks after her are still in the hunt. Hearing a few big names in her orbit will drop shortly. Obviously the Prince is in the a list and surprisingly enough a major player in the west coast tech community. Not who you might suspect. Am more convinced there will not be an election in November with what is going on. The Democrats are bat shit crazy and by October will be in full insurrection mode as one Democrat icon after another falls. Stay hard.