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Venezula, China and Time Travel

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Good to be back in the jungle. Folks are really excited and the wood chipper has been tested on several of Maduro`s followers.The Gold Miners and Crime lords have split up many of the spoils and interestingly enough they plan on fixing the country and helping a lot of people Maduro has been fucking over for a long time. They really hate the Iranians and the Cubans. Suspect the oil seizure will set things off. With the Capital going dark soon there after and Maduro being well dealt with. China is fucked. They are trying to flood the country to save the dam but they have made mistakes in their diversion systems and with pending earthquakes well enjoy the ride. Time travel, the beginning point is to understand the underlying meaning of Aristotle`s discussion of time in his work. "The Physics". From here realize time is an internal issue as much as an external one. And there are a number of ways to make the journey. Also consider that language is a complete failure in dealing with time and to look beyond language and simply gaze into the darkness. For example there are individuals who have made the journey by overcoming the limitations that many folks place on themselves. Think in terms of the imagination as the trigger added to stimulation. For example Patton well these comments are simply a statement of fact.


Others have been known to have an inclination to time travel. There is something inherently in their chemistry that triggers a rip in space and time that allow them to move in time much the same way most folks simply move in the
present. There exists in a Cherokee family several folks who have this gift. In fact one member was a pilot in WWII and at the Battle of Midway simply disappeared in mid-flight to reappear in California in 1849. And later recruited at Harvard by a very special group. And the gates. Later with photos of this family. Business calls.