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White Aryan Race thread #3, much updated. Ragnarok edition.

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If you care for your race, your soul and your own future this thread will be a treasure to you. Don't miss on it.

>The rar of the second thread along with the pictures

There is a clear control scheme, two one and the same parties and the obscure opposition. The masses get to study nothing beyond the facade of a system that pastures them and feeds them with the information, while only the insiders and the "extremist terrorist threats" get to realize what sort of a spider web this is.

Ever since the jewish Rothschild family spread the banking tentacles throughout Europe and the world and made Europe and USA the strongholds for the jewry, it subdued the bigger and smaller economies and nations worldwide with the freemasonic connivance. Every media is owned by the corporate branches of jews and freemasons from the same ZOG. No media group, no research center and no government gets to violate any taboos without a threat of bankruptcy and destruction. "Der Ewige Jude" is a fine documentary, don't pass on it.

This is the point of assuming total control, the New World Order is proceeding to completion. Masses have the racial makeups of the societies engineered eroding their homogeneity, persuaded with the needs of economy, progress and science, ironically, since this factor cripples both the european economies and the societies. Masses get to only consume useless and vulgar information, entertainment and speculations and nothing what's really important. Having the good cospomolitan consumer for the sake of the good global production seems to be a goal in itself to the modern society. Matters of great importance - patriotism, spirituality, heritage, breed, race, chastity made either seem irrelevant or plain evil.

But don't be discouraged; instead, learn how to fight it and see the truth.