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Bill "Poop jar" Gates and his plan to homosexualize the world with a Covid-19 vaccine

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I am a licensed medical professional. Legally, I can call myself "Doctor" and I have worked at multiple clinics and even a hospital. I am, by any measure, a scientist, scholar and expert.

However, I have left the medical field because I intend to be a whistleblower. I am still gathering some data and organizing my 6,000 pages of notes into a coherent and organized book. But first, I'm going to warn ypi anons for 2 reasons.
1 - Most people will just discard this as a LARP, and they are fools, but I am deadly serious here.
2 - I need to protect my anonymity because I fear for my own safety

What this man has planned for us is so monstrous, so evil, that the thought of being brought to account for it frightens him.
Poop-jar Gates understands that if the general public ever gets a real inkling of what he is up to, if he ever loses his grip on the situation, he will end up swinging and jerking at the end of a rope.
And he will use every means at his disposal to make sure that his plan succeeds. And, my friends, I will resort to every means at my disposal to insure that his diabolical scheme does not succeed and that he does indeed end up hanging from a lamp post.

Strap in boys, this thread will change your life.