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Time Travel in the age of the Chinese Virus.

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Strange in a way sitting here in Venezuela waiting to use a wood chipper on Madura and knowing the 3 Gorges Dam is going to collapse and nothing can be done to stop it. We had a lottery to decide who puts Madura in the Wood Chipper and my Saudi friends won. They plan on letting their hounds chow down on Madura parts left after the deed. Given Madura has the Virus seems risky. Time Travel. Several thoughts that might help folks before a discussion. From Science the notion of action at a distance and grasping the fact that some quantum entities regularly move through time and pop in and out of the present, to be supplemented by the notion of Being as articulated by Heidegger. On a fundamental level there is no difference in Philosophy and Science only their object is different. 1. A few individuals naturally have a way to warp space and time and move through time the way most folks move through space. This ability has been triggered accidentally and is caused by massive chemical actions in the body caused by fear, stress, etc. 2. Mechanical. Telsa`s concepts resulted in the construction of a device that moves folks through time with one problem no one has come back. 3. Alien technology that no one really understands. 4. Black Holes. Time travel in many ways is unpredictable. For example Lee was given information at the beginning of the Civil War, that would have resulted in the South Winning. He did not use it and the 12 page letter is still locked up somewhere in his belongings. I know because I gave it to him. Also there is someone in the Trump family that is close to all of this. And Jesus is the son of God and he has descendants to this day that live somewhere special. Later.