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Fbi anon: China is trying to destabilize our country.

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Can’t tell you how many folks I’ve caught in the past few days under the guise of Antifa. They are terrible at hiding it even though they are such manlets they look like your typical fag protestor.

Anyways, word on the street is they are ramping it up to vegeeta level 9000 in the coming weeks. Not sure what Trump is doing. He seems to want to take Chinas bait and throw more anarchy into what was a calming circus in Portland. Some think he is unstable himself wanting to war with the gooks. There’s some intel that he knows what’s happening he actually wants some democrat states to descend into anarchy then blame it on the Chinese for military strikes. It’s all hidden under “Protect muh federal buildings n shiiit”. It’s not though and I know I wrote this entire post like a nigger, however I’m pretty mad right now.

Defund the police. I can’t believe this thought even enters sane humans minds? Like is America totally lost. I’m in my 40s. It do young 18-30 year olds really think this way? Even if they are brainwashed by Jews. How deep does their programming go? Does it eliminate the soul entirely?

Yikes. Maybe there’s a few of you that are good left.

Only a few of us know (((they))) are pushing him to war. There’s nothing we can do. Maybe?


Good luck in the coming months.