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Trump and the 2020 election or lack there of.

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Trump’s comments today regarding the election had two purposes. One was to start a discussion on voter fraud with mail in ballots. The second and more important reason was to set the Democrats up as the election nears. Biden is becoming increasingly unhinged. An internal source says that not only is Biden talking to dead people but is making policy decisions based on those discussions. His decision to select Kamala Harris as his V.P. is grounded in his discussions with his dead brother. As the election gets closer Biden will drop out because of his dementia or it will be revealed Biden is a pedophile. His running mate Harris has a video of her having sex with Willie Brown on Chirstmas eve. Once Biden and Harris are blown out enter Hillary Clinton and Stacy Abrams, who is the Governor of Georgia, in what remains of her brain. Hillary will be taken out because of the Weiner tapes and Abrams who was involved in criminal behavior that takes her out. So close to the election the Democrats will have no viable candidates and will go batshit crazy to cancel the election till they can put together a team with a chance. This will go down in flames and the Democrats with the assistance of renegade military elements will attempt an overthrow of the Government. Remember Trump understood that you appear weak when you are strong. Back to work and read the tea leaves they are right in front of you. By the way I believe there is less than a 10% chance of an election based on this and other things.