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Tim Travel, Hitler, and the 3 Gorges Dam

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Time travel is at best unsound. Having said that it is not uncommon. Not only have there been humans and others who have made the journey but basic quantum particles make the leap on a regular basis and seem to float between the past, present and future according to their own nature. And again remember language cannot capture this phenomena in a meaningful manner it can only provide an imperfect glimpse. Scientists tell us that most of the Universe is made of matter/energy they define as dark. It is dark because it exists in the past and future. We see its footprints not its essence. What I have found is that to journey into the past creates its own strangeness. For example Hitler was assassinated 3 times in 1938. Each assassination was overturned by a higher power which prevented this time line from being changed. On the other hand several events were changed if they did not affect the timeline. Much the way a river would find inconsequential whether a rock was in place A or place B. Visiting the future takes you to a realm of existence that is well terrifying. You see things and participate in events that can truly make you insane. In the future you see the hand of God. Such as seeing the destruction of the 3 Gorges Dam. Knowing this is going to happen and it is part of the plan means your role in the universe is very limited, yet in a way it is releasing. The ability to control a timeline has always been to me the ultimate proof of a higher power. Next a family who has two members who have strolled in time on a journey. Say hello to my gatekeeper. I will introduce him soon. Quite the young man. He has quite the future in the past. Later.