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As you all Probably know by now, the island nation of Palau has been implicated in some shady pedophile activities. Joe Biden in 2011 proposed Palau many autonomies (pic).

But here’s where it gets good.
This document is a 1989 doc showing why Palau needs the USA....

>1947 Palau is tiny nation on pacific island, was military base for the USA in ww2. USA and Palau sign agreement that USA will promote Palau economy but Palau will self govern. All good until 1979
>1979 Palau gets uppity, makes their own constitution. Violence “mysteriously” starts
>1985 first Palau president assassinated
>USA is pulling funding from Palau (most of Palau economy is USA funded government workers)
>1987 Palau new president must lay off 2/3 of workforce
>this president apparently commits suicide
>new president (deep state plant?) wins with only 23% of vote, immediately signs pact giving USA more sovereignty over Palau
>current Palau president Is member of ocean elders group http://www.oceanelders.org/ocean-elders/

WHATS GOING ON HERE ANONS? Why isn’t any of this on the Palau wiki page??