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Attack on Titan is based and red pilled

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Daily reminder that Attack on Titan is the white man’s anime. The story is literally about white people fighting to reclaim a future that was stolen from them by inferior races. It also has many allegories to ethnonationalism and fascism while being a fictional parallel to the current state of the white race IRL
Quick rundown of the story:
>be Eldian Empire
>dominate the entire world through the power of the titans bestowed by Ymir (Norse God)
>King Carl the cuck feels sorry for the sub-humans so he implodes the empire, brainwashes his people, and brings them to a distant island
>the Eldian diaspora left behind gets brainwashed by the (((Marleyans))) to hate their race
The characters:
>Eren Yeager, a 19 y/o ethnonationalist who is going to ethnically cleanse the planet of non-whites
>Mikasa Ackerman, based trad hapa QT with autism who simps MC
>Armin Arlert, 140IQ high caste Ubermensch Aryan who serves as the lead strategist for the Eldian military
If you’re not reading this manga, you are missing out. There is literally no other series more kino than this.