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It happened before and it is happening again.

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THE ELECTION FRAUDS.; THE PROCEEDINGS AT BALTIMORE. THE PARTIES ON TRIAL. The Frauds Deliberate and Unblushing. Evidence Entirely Conclusive. Forgery Admitted by the Prisoners. How Votes were Manufactured for McClellan and Seymour. Implication of Democratic Politicians The Voting Fraud on the New-York Soldiers. Card from Gen. Farrell.
Oct. 29, 1864

I should know I was there.

The Democrat Party will attempt to overthrow the Government this year. Nancy Pelosi and a secret cabal has met with rogue members of the deep state to construct massive voter fraud and now Joe Biden has gone completely bat shit crazy. Folks close to him says he is soiling his clothes daily and is talking to dead family members routinely. Several days ago he shitted his clothes, went to the bathroom and deposited his feces in his coat pockets, thinking they were baby kittens. They are drugging him up to keep him somewhat sane in public but are now panicking because he has to get out of the basement because of the left wing parts of the party are trying to destroy the Country. Biden at this point is deranged to the point a medical exam would end up with him being certified as unfit to hold public office. The Democrats have lost their fucking minds. Later.