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Anons say they've been having very weird nightmares

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the last couple of days. i started describing mine but the thread got deleted before i could finish.

i was the husband of marina abramovic (sic!) and was attending a party of some some sorts on the streets of my city, which she organized. at some point a giant cake was brought in, everyone clapped and lined up to get a piece. i took one but saw H U M A N P A R T S there, got sweaty hands and decided to leave for home in a hurry manner. the longer i walked the more intense became the feeling of being watched and.. idk, recognized as aware. "we see that you see us". eventually i did get home to my family and gathered them all in one room to tell them everything and decide what to do next. the lights werent working for some reason. i was describing them the situation when the ambient feeling of being watched fucking spiked and i told everyone to be quiet to listen to whats going on on the other side of the wall and at this exact moment SOMEONE FUCKING KNOCKED ON IT FROM THERE. with eyes wide as fucking ocean i stood there for a couple moments not knowing what to do but screaming faces appearing out of the wall got me and my faily moving. at this point i just wanted to get the fuck out of there and hide from my wife, from the world, i ran out of the house thinking "please dont kill me dont torture me i will just dissapear i wont tell anyone anything" etc. i lost sight of everyone 'cept my sister so i grabbed her in hopes of making it to the car at least with her but next time i turned my head to her she was gone too. i started running around looking for anyone when i noticed a bony corpse of a cat or smth on the ground. it fucking rose out of the ground revealing some monstrous creature as if sewn out of dried up corpses and it started chasing after me. then there started appearing more and more of them all over the place, of different kinds too, most were just some disfigured unpatterned meat with claws and maws and eyes.