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I'm not exactly leaking anything since you all would be able to discern this if you've been paying attention. I'll just cover the basics. The election results won't be announced the night of because of the mail-in counts. Will be a tense period. Biden will be 'announced' as the winner. (He's obviously not the winner and you will all know that.)

It's going to shock the hell out of you. It's going to be the most demoralizing and unacceptable thing you've ever experienced.

I'm not sure what will happen with Trump, and I do not even know who he really is, but I do know he will not end up in charge.

I also know that there are tons of sealed indictments and who they are for. Long lists of names in many states. China has a lot of interest in this. Back in January/February a lot of guys from China were here getting everyone to believe in Covid-19. It worked for a few months but unfortunately it petered out. It's kind of complicated but basically you were all supposed to be locked down while Biden was announced.

The next move will happen anyway. Basically once you guys (not really you but whoever they pick) starts "reacting" to the Biden win with acts of terrorism, there's going to be a crackdown on white supremacist terrorism.