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The cause of homosexuality.

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A while ago I posted a thread as a joke saying Homosexuality was the symptom of an infection. It got hundreds of replies with actual serious discussion. I decided to research it further and found mountains of evidence that supports this hypothesis. I've even identified a possible causative organism.

We know know how rabies works. An infected animal becomes more aggressive prior to death. It will end up biting other animals to spread the infection along. This is an example of a behavior-modifying organism.

What you probably don't know is that there are hundreds of other organisms that also affect behavior. A virus causes caterpillars to climb up trees. Then it liquifies their organs so the body disintegrates and the virus can be spread by the wind1. There is a STD for grasshoppers that makes them more sexually active2. In the days prior to experiencing the symptoms of the flu, the virus will make you more sociable so can transmit it more3.

Here's the real kicker though: There is a parasite that has the ability to modify sexual preference. Toxoplasma gondii. You've probably heard of T. gondii as the amoeba that infects cats. There's a lot more to it than that. Rats are a carrier of T. gondii. When infected a rat will be attracted to cat urine, making it more likely to be eaten by a cat, the intended host. How does it work?

>Toxoplasma alters the brain to make the rat sexually attracted to cat urine4.
>Toxoplasma's ability to make rats sexually attracted persists even after the rat is no longer infected4.1.

That's right- a parasite has the ability to PERMANENTLY ALTER SEXUAL PREFERENCE in its host. Dig deeper into the facts behind T. gondii and we see: