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Operation Goldfinger

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Several months ago I mentioned that the Democrats had warehoused many ballots in locations in the mid-west. Many of these ballots have been used and have a small difference from legitimate ballots. These ballots were primarily used in Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and of course the mother load of fraud, Pennsylvania. For example over a 100000 ballots were pumped into Wisconsin and used in Minneapolis. This scam allowed voting officials to feign ignorance. Little did they know their phone calls were taped. It seems in the mid west there are at least 1.6 million ballots floating around that are fake. Understand this. Republicans and Democrats both commit voter fraud but they approach it differently. Republicans blow people off of voter roles and the Democrats generally stuff ballot boxes. Trump saw this coming a long time ago and let the Democrats do exactly what they always do. That is stuff ballots. They cannot control themselves. Expect a Presidential Address by Sunday. For me this is all bullshit because far more important things are in play than this election. Have to say I have enjoyed helping fuck the Democrats in a small way. Now back to South Africa, for a Margarita, a fine steak and maybe an evening in a little cabin in Northern California. Some times this shit is so funny. Never underestimate stupidity. Trump is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met and Obama is just a thug from Chicago. A very low IQ individual who thinks that stuffing ballot boxes is just another day at the office. Fuck him, John Brennen, and hopefully Barr will get off of his fucking ass and release the indictments. Cheers


And the name, Goldfinger. Well in this case the political bomb of voter fraud goes off and secures Trump`s most treasured goal that is fucking the Democrats for a generation.