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You know we stole the election right?

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Stealing this election was easy. Now there have been places that were more difficult but this was easy. What we know:

1. You stupid niggers will not do a thing about it. The niggers in the Congo complained more and we simply dropped them in the rivers and let the animal life take care of it.

2. As soon as we get Biden in he will have a stroke out and Kamala will be our girl. We will lock all you Trumpers up and our friends in High Tech will get you fired from your Wal Mart jobs.

3. Now if you are nice we will simply fuck you in the ass and turn you over to Tyrone to finish you off. Now simply go away so us beautiful people can run things.

4. You people are just lowly faggots. Antifa, BLM, Proud Boys just losers we use.

5. One way we stole the election was simply to have states mail out tons of ballots, added to the ones we made in China, send those back in with made up signatures and let Tyrone run them through the machines. Easy shit pussies.