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Saw this earlier today. Could it be true?

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Yep we stole the election but it was such a cloister fuck we are all done. Too many amateurs jumped into this and they have fucked all of us. We were simply doing what we have done in a number of Countries that is shave enough votes here and there in the machines so our guy won. We were merrily on our way until the niggers and crime leaders jumped in to double fuck the election. First those morons in Philadelphia stole computer equipment from the City shortly before the election that allowed them to steal over 100000 votes alone. The sticks they used came from city inventory and now the few honest FBI Agents left are all in on this shit. Several of the crime figures with direct contact to the Biden Campaign have confessed and they are going to bring that house of cards down. Yep Big Louie and his gangsters are going to take it in the ass. Next the niggers in Detroit lost their minds and went completely off the cliff by letting dead folks vote and every creature imaginable. Once they find out how many votes those niggers changed that shit hole will collapse. Fucking dumb niggers. We had this thing in the bag but the niggers, the criminals and every fucking antifa piece of shit came out of the bushes and ran wild. Shit even the head of Dominion Security, a fucking Antifa piece of shit, was changing votes and bragging about it. Well it will take a while longer. The idiots in the Trump Campaign have finally zeroed in our some of our handiwork, that is the two districts in Wisconsin where we change over 60000 votes. Even a blind pig finds an acorn sometimes. Oh well I am leaving for a galaxy far, far away. No way I am hanging around for this shit show. Trump is a fucking idiot but his opponents are nigger tier morons. Enjoy.