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>Q1: Compared to the wheat growing regions in the world currently, what is topographically odd about Mesopotamia (Iran/Iraq), Greece and Rome?
>The hills have eyes brother
>Do they all have the same soil groups/bedrock. Which could allude to cave systems.
>The topography of hilly landscapes makes it vulnerable to climate change, increasing the likelihood of crop failure
>Greece/Mesopotamia/Rome: Sloping Plains Ukraine: Steppes
>OK let's try natural defences - mountains protecting their food bowl and cities
>I think the point is being missed by all of the anons for stopping at the fact these areas are mountainous;
>High mountains at the edges, mountain streams, salt deserts?
>Tunnel systems that grant access to 'the being(s)' calling the shots from the innermost caverns of the Earth.
>Isn't it really rocky there to be growing wheat?

Shall we continue digging for the truth, /pol/? Or will you set me free this time and allow me to leave?

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