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The Revolution will be televised

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Greetings from the most beautiful place on earth. The women are beautiful, the fishing is fantastic, I have more money than I can spend and well life is good. Well ladies Trump has won and we are on the run but you still seem to lack the intelligence to see how this is going to be played out. First Trump has everything he needs to shit on everyone. He could fucking care less what the Supreme Court does, the electoral college does or what Congress does. Look for him to do a national address where he lays his cards on the table, announce some major arrests and simply leave it to the American people to hang the appropriate criminals. Hopefully people`s court and let them sort it all out. Remember Trump thinks outside of the box. He knows where the real power resides and the morons in Washington and the Deep State have forgotten that. So what do you think is going to happen when the American People realize that the CIA switched over 4 million votes in the election? Right now over 70% of Republicans think the election was stolen, and 30% of the Democrats believe the election was stolen. Biden will be lucky when this all plays out he is not hanged with the rest. Think the French Revolution. E. will be dropping them off of helicopters and Gitmo will be overrun with the thugs and criminals stupid enough to hang around. This shit is not over it is just beginning. So well fuck all of them and I am going fishing.