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Based on the existence and recent extension of EO 13848, there is almost certainly a Joint Interagency Task Force (JIATF) that was set up specifically to catch the Dominion/Smartmatic election fraud. They probably have a LOT of evidence. This includes a server that actually carried out the manipulation which was taken by US Army forces in Frankfurt, Germany (right after Esper was replaced, no coincidence I am sure).

DoJ policy is not to allow investigations to interfere with elections, so they are not going to arrest anybody until this plays out in civil court and the election itself is resolved. Imagine if the FBI just started arresting Dems in droves. It would certainly look like a coup

The Trump campaign lawyers cannot work with the US Attorneys on the JIATF, as that would be a Hatch Act violation. That is why Sidney Powell has been very vague about what she knows. However, once they get past a motion to dismiss in Federal Court, I am pretty sure they can request supporting evidence from the USG in discovery. During discovery, a very well-prepared package of material from a certain US Attorney gets delivered to both parties. This is why the media is claiming no evidence, because they know the most damning evidence, the real smoking gun stuff, won't come out until then. But you don't need all the evidence to file a civil suit. That is what discovery is for.

So here is what I guess might happen as far as the courts go, although there are several variations because two states are doing recounts right now, PA is doing an audit and GA governor just said there needs to be a new audit of signature matches so this changes by the minute. The current PA case in Federal District court gets fast tracked by Alito to US Supreme Court. That case is about violation of the constitution when authorities other than state legislature change the time and manner of elections.