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2020 Presidential Election, the biggest cloister fuck of all time.

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I can`t decide if the most stupid mother fuckers in the world inhabit this shit hole or is it run entirely by the CIA, The Chinese Communist Party, the deep state and tranny Democrats. How many times do they have to shove it up your ass before you wake up. First the Chinese poison the whole fucking world with the Chinese virus, and now the Chinese and the Iranians, and the Cubans with their fuck buddies the CIA and Deep state and all the Democrat swine and fucking niggers steal the election. And now no problem will pedophile Joe going to the Whitehouse with Hunter fucking kids in the Oval office while making deals to sell out the Country. Shit the U.S. is not worth saving. What a fuck house. And Trump just spends his days on Twitter and Barr and Durham are spending their time sucking nigger dick. Now children one more time. The CIA stole over 4 million votes in Frankfurt alone, and god knows how many votes the feral niggers in Detroit and Atlanta stole, and of course the criminals in the Philadelphia were filling out stolen ballots in cousin Vinny`s house and trucking them to the voting locations in the middle of the night. Fuck might as well give the Country to the Chinese. And that mother fucker in Georgia, the Secretary of State selling the country out for ten million. In 1864 the Democrats tried the same shit with mail in ballots to steal the election from Lincoln. Those degenerates were hung. Hint, Hint. Now here the smartest guy in the room says the election was stolen. No shit sherlock.